Shrek: If You're Gone

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Shrek)
Yes, I should and I feel relief now...

Today is Sunday... went to Gurney for a walk just to relax ourselves and on our way back we meet Georgie and FY waving at us in their ride... Initially, I am like wonder... who are there... I thought is Mei Yeen but I saw the driver is kinda in his bigger size (Not like Sin Chan, Sin Chan is half the size of the driver and base on the ride, the 1st person that crossed my mind is Georgie) :"P haha... Anyway just feel like PG is a very small place to meet all your friend here and there. :)

Anyway, photo for today is another revisit for Shrek after the last photo session. This round the theme will be slightly different. Initially, the title for today photo is like 'I am still here although you have left'. (Anyway this theme has been provided for a very very long time). Just that for the past few months, I didn't really have the time to think about how to execute it. (Stuck with all the release and daily works) Until lately, I am more free up and decided to work on some of the backlog items that are still in my list. Anyway, I am happy that I completed one item in my list. :) In the end, I have used the song from Matchbox 20 - If you're Gone (They are one of my favorite band until now and I have pretty much listened to all of their songs in Uni). :) to execute this. :)

I am trying to get Shrek for a more moody but happy feel (with some watery feel in his eye) after he got break up (with princess Fiona?)  Looking far away in the sky, feeling relief and think that he should go home for a rest. This round a 2 lights setup and pretty much I get my aperture almost wide open + zoom all the way out (all the way out also is like 70mm only :"P haha) to get the tight background on the back. Too bad I didn't have a tele, if not if should be much easier here. :")) and here is the end result of it.

I guess that's all for today. Hope that everybody will enjoy it and do have a HAPPY Monday tomorrow. :) CHEERS~!


  1. wahaha...yea PG is very small nia. We were on our way to Gurney that time hehe...I desperately need to relax myself too =P
    btw nice pic & hope u have a great monday =)

  2. Nice bokeh. Hmm.. i am wondering whether it will have a lil' bit of sad mood if the WB is tuned to lil' bit bluish? But anyway, it's nice! :)

  3. Lilian: Haha... nope that's his beer belly. :"P

    B&G: Thanks. I tried the bluish WB, but, it didn't give me slightly warmmy feel that I needed. (the relieving feel that I wanted, but it is more to a cooler and chilled feel). But no matter what, thanks for the inputs, may be I could try it on other photos next round. :)

    Thanks ya. :)

  4. FY: Just realize I miss to reply you although my brain has draft out the reply in my 1st reply. (Haha... old unker here):"P

    Oh yeah... saw you 2 is like waving to us like...(and the glass is kinda dark) as I said, just see Georgie size only and think is both of you. haha...

    Yeah, I hope that both of you is have a good rest and jalan jalan session. :) and Thanks.

  5. 我是周六去 gurney plaza 的,错过了。哈哈
    这张照片的感觉像楼上说的,shrek is pragnent 的感觉,可能是因为双手捧着肚子的关系吧!呵呵

  6. 哈哈。是啊。不然就可以看到您了。:“P哈哈。。。是吗。没办法。SHREK的肚子本来就是大的。(要减肥,有些难啊,难免看起来比较”怀孕“了些):”P





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