Simple, Fun & Happy Day :)

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Solar Man)
Let's go fishing...

I went home pretty early than usual today (At least when I went home today, everyone who usually went home earlier than me  is still having their butt sticking on the chair... :"P) Is fine, at least I got an early rest today... which is pretty nice. :)

Anyway, photo for today... Introducing the so call "Solar Man". It comes with different type of version of course. (While we are on our way for lunch today, I saw another monkey that could bend his body as well... pretty cool right). But something is wrong with mine (somehow...) It didn't move anymore, (not sure if the solar (florescent?) power in my computer room is not powerful enough to move him :"P) but still it is a pretty nice and decent decoration in the room though. :) (At least I feel pretty peaceful when I look at it ~:D Specially on his closed eye...). Lighting wise, nothing special today... (make a pretty flat light). For me, it is more on the lighting control today... where to spill the light and where not to. (Just another routine that I wanted myself to get consistent with ;))

Ok... I guess that's all for today. I am pretty excited that Friday is coming soon. (Yes, tomorrow is Friday againnn...). Hope that everyone will have a great Friday tomorrow and a great evening today. :) and to Georgie, Happy Birthday to you and hope that you have a great birthday celebration as well. Have fun. ;)


  1. the patong need a push to get started.. specially with florescent light don't think it has the OMP to kick start by itself :)

  2. Oh yeah, I guess so as well... I didn't bring it out to get his solar power and usually if I put it too long there usually it stay static :"P (and I guess you are right, florescent didn't have the power to kick start it) qx"P

  3. 你难得有一天比人家早回啊……我自从跟人家供车之后,几乎都天天准时回家,因为不想让人家等我。嘿嘿~~
    我很喜欢这个玩具,我家也有一个,不过已经被我家的破坏王弄坏了…… =.="

  4. 哈哈。。。是啊。准时回家是好的。有好多个人时间做自己要做的事。:)(有时候,稍微迟一些到家。。。拍照的时间也较少了。。。所以有些匆忙)多数到时间了就要睡了。。。不然隔一天可不能准时起床啊。:”P

  5. The doll's hand hold what...sorry I think 'dirty'...

  6. Hmm...nice. where to get this type of ornament? Today's photo really suit the theme of the day!I see GREAT improvement. :D Happy Weekend.

  7. Lilian: Haha I guess you have just mixed with us too much until you are affected by our "dirty" mind. :"P (Is a fishing Rod that he is holding BTW) :")

    B&G: Eee... you could get it at a lot of shop actually. (If I remember correctly S&J sold some as well) Solar Powered and it will moved. :) up down or left right depends on the mechanism. :) (And thanks) Hope that you have a happy weekend as well. :)





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