Saturday on 120909

Some landscape scenery behind my house

I have wake up pretty late today (Have a migraine yesterday night before I went to sleep and usually if I got a migraine before sleep, usually it will carry forward until the next day - that's pretty normal for me and I don't know why...sigh). Anyway, wake up late and took Ah Leng char keow tiao as lunch (or brunch) today. :)

Went to watch "The Ugly Truth" after that and I think it is not that bad, pretty funny and there are a lot and a lot of 18SX talking in there. (as usual...) but I think the story line is not bad. we went for some walk and have the dinner at the green house after the movie. (What else other than the famous Hokkien Mee right?) :"P hehe...

And some backstreet view - The photographer is the backstreet boyz then. :"P

When I reach home it is almost 10pm. So I decided to used back some of the landscape photos that I took yesterday for today posting :"). (Lilian, I have tried some landscape photo now... althought the view is not that great... but still is a good start ya :"P haha) Nothing special, just some scenery behind my house. :) where you could see that there is a pretty big drain there. :"P some village feel  with some mountain at the back of it. :)

Anyway I will get this post short and get some rest. I hope everyone of you is enjoying your Saturday night now and I am going to get some rest. :) Night...


  1. 哇~~~天空很像油画/压克力画哦!很美~~~最吸引我的就是天空了!

  2. 家梅: 是啊。。。刚好下过雨,所以天空很清楚。所以就跑到后面照相了。:)我也是蓝天的爱好者。:)

    Kancil: Yeah, I will. :) Just that the migraine is pretty shitty where it will sustain for a few days to go away... (sigh)

  3. Can't imagine behind your house look like villages view. It's very nice the shot, especially w/ such beautiful sky.

    Also do take good care of yourself, so that you can take more good landscapes:)

  4. The drain looks interesting for photography. But I think it's kinda unhealthy looking at the dirty water. Nice and simple pics.

  5. Lilian: Yeah I will. :) No worry I will try more landscape shot. :"P Hopefully I could produce some good one. ;) Thanks.

    B&G: Ohh yeah... the drain is pretty dirty, but is a good photography subject as well. Thanks for dropping by. :)





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