Totoro: Coming out From the Dark

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Totoro)

Today photo is base on a song of Gloria Estafan (Coming out from the Dark that I listened to while I am still in the secondary school. I remember that it is a compilation album which sis bought back when she returned from the state. There are still a lot of other great songs in it - the other song that I could remember is the C & C Music Factory Fredom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now , I love the beat specially on the 3:26)  - I guess those songs are from the MC Hammer era. :"P haha...

Anyway photo for today is Totoro (Yes is him again..., I am running out of figure/object... so seems like the subject will need to get rotate again, pardon me for that :"|, But hopefully I could get a different feel from each of subject every time I snap them... (Did I just say 'hopefully')). This round Totoro is trying to coming out of the dark to see the light outside of his world. Anyway, this is also a encouragement for those who are having some hard time at work or personal life. Takes things easy, look at the different perspective, get out from your usual comfort zone and... the world might be much better for you. :)

Anyway, That's all for tonight. I hope everyone will have a great night. (Do remember to check out the C & C Music Factory Fredom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now , slightly boost up the volume... but do remember not to disturb your parent or neighbour and jam up with it - it might help you to rock  you evening or day (tomorrow)) :"P Cheers. :)


  1. Since running out of objects for shooting, can start considering landscapes:p

  2. Haha... sure sure Lilian. I will try to take more landscape photos when I got the chance. (Coz... I think I still prefer to take portraiture shoot compare to landscape, But I will try, ok?). ~:"P

  3. Ho ho ho.. TOTORO!! I wanna see more of TOTORO.. That's too little of it.. hehe..

  4. Thanks B&G. Sure wanna see more Totoro? :"P I will get rotated again next round. So do wait for the next session ya. :")

  5. Yeah... just wait for it... I will get some other feel the next time I snap it. :"P

  6. 这张照片,让我想起,我还有一个外号 ——> 龙猫 =.="
    ghibli studio 和 disney 似乎合作出了一部新动画片《Ponyo》呢!我还没买来看,听朋友说,好像很好看哦!(基本上,对我来说,ghibli studio 的动画都很不错的,我都喜欢~~) ^^

  7. 是吗?没关系,龙猫也很可爱。(就让他们说吧):)《Ponyo》吗?我也还是没看过。不过在Ghibli动画系列里头,我比较印象深刻的是《空中之城》和《龙猫》。做的太好了。还有一样值得一提的是,他们的动画很有人性,会让您深思。:)

  8. 对~我喜欢就是因为 ghibli 动画都是跟“和平”、“环保”有关系的,而且要去深入了解其中的意思。几乎,我都看过了他全部的动画,也很喜欢动画里头的乐曲 ^^

  9. 是啊。 我也有同感。:)做的太棒了。:)





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