Viva La Vida

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Viva La Vida)
It was the wicked and wild wind - Viva La Vida

It has been pretty late when I got home today, so I have decided to get one of the photos that I took the other day to posted here. :) Photo for today is pretty much inspired by one song's MTV that I loved a lot. (Which I am going to talked about later).

It is the Viva La Vida by Coldplay. They are a bunch of creative people, check out how they compose this song + the instruments they used in this music. (Seriously all of the songs is not "synthetic" ok? all are played by the band members). Check out how the beat of the drums and the sound of the percussion instruments comes together, it is just gorgeous :) I like thier MTV also, kinda with some texture on it (And yes I am a texture guy, I like rusty and textural feel  - which I used in some of my photos sometimes) :") and also the ending part of it, where everyone slowly resolved into dust.

Anyway I dedicate this songs to everyone here. Hope that you all will have a great Friday and a great weekend ahead. Like what the songs mean... 'Long Live Life' and celebrate our life... always. :) CHEERS!!


  1. nice piece of the PP you did on the pic...great job dude...

  2. Hey Beh... Thanks man. :) Hope that you will have a great weekend ahead.

  3. I think i'm addicted to the rusty feel? Or maybe i'm getting rusty. yeah, you enjoy your weekend too.

  4. Hehe... no worry you are not the only one there. (I am as well) :"P You too have a great weekend ya. :)

  5. Actually rusty make a good pic:) Hv a nice weekend...

  6. 这张的效果很不错哦~
    那首歌也很不错 :D 感觉很好

  7. Lilian: Thanks. You too ya. :)

    家梅: 谢谢您。:“) 希望您会喜欢这首推荐歌。:)





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