While Father in Law is Working

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)Getting ready for the work

So today pretty much I am going to continue with my "While X is Y" series. :) (No worry, tomorrow will be the wrap up post for this "While X is Y" series). ~:"P

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)let's get the materials ready

Today post is about my father in law (FIL). Since they didn't manage to come over to PG on the last weekend we to go back to pay them a visit. So in order to consistently completed my "project", I have brought all my stuff over to my FIW's workshop and setup the lighting there for some shoots. :")

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)Let's sew this slowly

After I examine the location, I really hope that I got more than 1 light with me so that I could compose something that I wanted, too bad I only have 1 so far - anybody would like to sponsor me another one? :"P - I'm just kidding.

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)Gosh the sparks is just too bright

So today post is pretty much about a man @ work. I just love how the workshop looks like, rusty and full with texture, yes natural textures due to greases. (I just love the feel there - or should I say I just love rusty stuff). I'm glad that FIL is fine with me hanging around setup and shoot there while he is working, of course I move my light stand here and there to ensure that I didn't interrupt with his work. From what I noticed is that, his work really, really need a lot of concentration will he is welding the iron/ sewing the iron piping. (Some seriously darn tedious job there)

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)You want sparks? You got it

I am also happy that FIL is willing to pose one fast shoot for me before I leave. (Although he is not a super model or what), but I just love they way everything come into place, the rusty workshop, the dirt on the shirt as well as him being him. (It is just natural).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Father in Law)And for a final shoot here. :")

Anyway, I hope that all of you enjoy the blog post for today. :) I will stop for now, get some rest, read some book. :) Hope that you all will have a great night as well.


  1. Awesome shots. Like the color, the mood and lighting very much.

  2. Hey Chuan, thanks for paying a visit here as well as the comments. :) Hope that you will find it enjoyable. :)

  3. I echo on TH Chuan's comments. Really some good shots taken man...

  4. I like the mood and rusty feel. Wonder if the place in mind that we talked about can generate this kind of rusty feel. Maybe it will be another kind of rusty feel. :)

  5. Beh: Thanks. :)

    小慧: Yup... let's check out the location and do some photo shoot then we will see what type of rusty feel it will produce. :)

  6. Nice compo. All the things look alien to me. :P Wondering what will happen if everything changes into b/w.

  7. Thanks B&G... :)Ohhh yeah all the tools looks alien to me as well... I totally don't know how to operate them. :"P If everything changed to B/W? Eemm.... I kinda wonder as well. But today series will be in B/W (Every photos of it) So stay tuned. ;)

  8. Looks like reporter interview a machinist, nice work. BTW, your in law is looks very young.

  9. Hey Lilian, welcome back and thanks ~! :) OHhh... if he hear that you are saying that he looks young... :"P He must be very happy. :"D





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