While Grandma is Resting

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)Introducing my Grandma

The up coming series of photos (including the one posted yesterday and the one posted today will follow the theme... "While X is Y" :"P Pretty much X is the subject Y is the Verb. Anyway just forget about all these English thingy here.)

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)Grandma being herself :)

So today photos are about my grandma. Grandma was a "Cai Tiam Ma" owner last last time (Yes it has been a while), and this grandson, always go to her shop to "curi makan" the junk food, specially the Mamee. (and while Mum is scolding, grandma will say like, "is ok... let him eat..." :"P)

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)Grandma looking straight to the camera. ~:)

You all will notice that she is sitting on the same spot. (Yes she is, she usually will sit on the same place resting and watching TV show during the day time). Before I am snapping all these shoots, I kinda wonder will grandma be not happy with it (Plus all those additional setup on her side). So I will try my luck here then, if she is not happy about it then I will stop it. And luckily she is not (And I have done the shooting for 2 days - during day time, Hope that you all don't mind about it with the same location here :"P). My plan (long term one) is to get every of my family member portrait at least once to keep in my gallery). I am not sure why, but I think I should do it... (somehow...).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)Looks familiar right? :"P

Anyway, I am happy that grandma didn't resist my shooting (She is just so natural in front of the camera, although she is not smiling or posing, but I guess that's her there with her most natural pose, resting on the chair and wondering what her grandchild is doing).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)Grandma watching the TV Shot

For the grandma series, I have tried a few new things, playing around with the combo of WB and CTO, as well as slightly dial down the ambient. (To give some strobing feel there). Anyway I just love this grandma series... (Not because me shooting it, but may be is because... of the feel grandma give to me during the shoots as well as during the time I process all these photos). ~:")

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Granny)You have a good rest Grandma

So here are all the photos for today..., I hope everybody will enjoy it. Hope that all of you are having a great evening with you love one (family, friends, GF, BF....etc...) :) Cheers to everyone. :)

* No caption for all the photos today... I will just save sometimes from it.


  1. that's a great idea of keeping everyone's portrait in your family. that way they'll always around with you...guess one day i should do this as well...:)

  2. 你的祖母看来好像很寂寞。让我联想起江蕙的家后这一首歌。


  3. Beh: Yeah..., you are right. (I think that's my initial purpose as well) :") May be I just wanna get a portrait of each members while everyone is still around or close to you.

    Kancil: 其实,外婆已经不是很能够说话了。。。(经过上一次的“事件”后,多数都是比手划脚的。。。来表达她的想法),也和少见到她的笑容了。(唉。。。就如小鱼说的一样-人生有几个十年啊)。江蕙的《家后》,我超喜欢的。。。觉得很有意思。(第一回听到时,是王小虎演唱的。。。),也到网上听了江蕙的版本。。。歌词很有意思。。。不时听久了也会融入歌中,(许多的感慨都会冲上来。。。有时候,还会感动到眼泪在眼睛中打转。。。)唉。。。应该好好珍惜身边每一个人。:)

  4. The Cai Tiam Ma incident really sweet. :P I guess that time sure your mom was angry..but grandparents always sayang the grandchildren one... 这一篇看了有点感触。有种莫名的感概,寂寞。

  5. Hehe yeah... I think is the same for everyone. where grandparents will pretty much protect the grandchild more. :"P Yeah, you are right. I am slightly got some 感触 when processing the photos. Not sure why.(Emm...)

  6. 第三张,感觉尼家祖母有点笑容哦~~
    我家祖母都不拍照的 :( 每次我拍她,都得偷偷地拍,所以拍不到正面的……

  7. 哈哈。应该是说有些慈祥的感觉吧。:) 老人家都不会很喜欢拍照。(幸好外婆没show出什么不开心的模样):“)





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