Wrap Up: While Parents are Away

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wei)No I don't ~:|

This is those time where the kids start to misbehave and do something crazy. I remember the time that when Mum is not around when I was small, I used to "curi makan" the junk food and choco and also "curi tengok" some of the cartoons. :"P And this round, Yeah during that time, LB has went out with her parent and there is only me and my brother in law at home and I have told him that I would like to get him for some portraiture shot before hand. So I guess is a good time for us to do so.

* Just in case you all didn't realize that, I have cooperated the expandable post in this post (You will need to click on the [More...] to view the rest of the post). Do let me know if you all prefer the "one time view all" posting (like those that I have before) or this type of
expandable post Thanks. :)

More Photos after the Jump... :)

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wei)yeah is much clearer now. :)

Anyway He has been very cooperative with all the shoots, I went into the room, setup the lighting do a few test shot, and once it is ready I get him in and start to shoot. First few shoot, get him warm up for the up coming shoots. Once I can feel that he is into the mood, I requested him to take off his spec and requested him to pose. :"P (Yeah, some pose that I am looking for).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wei)
Yes I feel the bad-ness in him. >:"P

And slightly to the extreme, I requested him to light up some cigarettes and give me some of the facial expression that I needed and I think he has been doing GREAT. :) Anyway today photo series is in black and white (B/W). (As promise, today will be a full B/W series). I think is kinda nice as well. :)

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wei)Yeah, is kinda smoky during the session, but is fine. ;)

No matter what, hope that you all will enjoy the wrap up series for "While X is Y". Thanks for viewing and have a great night. :)

* Fang, if you are reading this (Wei told me that you do read my blog sometimes), please forgive Wei for smoking, I am the one to be blame here. (For all the effects that I needed) I promise that he just light up one cigarettes that time. (Not more than 2) So sorry ya... ~:"|


  1. Pai sei, the model is not handsome:p I prefer those your father in law, mother & grandmum's one...

  2. Hehe... no problem Lilian. I think he got some type of other look somehow. ;) the bad ass look that I am looking for. But no matter what, thanks for your comments on the other posts. :) Really appreciate it.

  3. haha.. echo the first comment. :P Don't like to see smoking act too. The 2nd pic makes me feel like giving him a punch. :P hehe just kidding. But your skill is GOOD.

  4. Darn... :"P that bad arr... I hope he didn't see this post. If not later he will not want to be my model anymore... :"P (in the future) :"P

  5. 第一眼就能够认得出,应该是你太太的兄弟,脸型、五官都很像 :)

  6. 家梅:欢迎光临。。。其实,那一些抽烟的照片是有用处的。(打算采用在某一些地方)。不过,现在回想起来真的有些过意不去。唉。。。~:|

  7. 哈哈~~我不是说你的照片拍得不好,只是个人好恶问题而已,不必介怀 :D

  8. 哈哈。。。没什么。不会介怀。。。因为,间中也发生了一些小插曲。。。,所以,心里也有些过意不去。:“)并不是因为您的Comment.别担心。:”)





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