10th October 2009 Saturday

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Jeletong Highway)

Yes it is the same double digit day/month again. (It is 10th October 2009). Nothing so special about today, but at least I manage to get myself out for a small photo outing session today. (I am glad that the weather is not that bad during the evening - at least it is not raining). :)

I went to the photo shooting after finishing our movie session @ Queens Bay mall. (Watching the Surrogate today). Not a bad movie starring by Bruce Willis and in deed, with interesting storyline. (For those who like si-fi they could go and watch this) ;). Today I went to the Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor for the shooting. So stay tune, there will be (landscape and portraiture) photos for these photo shooting in the next few days. ;)

Photo for today is "High Speed Traffic" nothing special, just drag the shutter for this shots... :"P Just wanna get some effect like the neuron during the network transmission. :"P

Anyway this is a late night post. Before I forget, my birthday wishes to 小慧. Hope that you have a great birthday celebration today. Anyway, I hope that everybody is having a good sleep now. ;) Night everyone.

* I'm drinking some Carlsberg right now. (Not promoting any alcoholic drink here) I am not sure why I am drinking it, but I told LB that, when I am processing Wei's wedding photos, the more looking at them toasting here and there, it makes me feel like wanna drink as well. :"P (p/s: I am not an alcoholic, this is my 3rd can of beer in 2009) :"P


  1. 喝酒别喝得太急的话,应该还可以,不会伤身的 :)

  2. 哈哈。。。喝得很慢了。。。到现在还没喝完呢。:“P(哈哈不是被吸引。。。也不知怎么说。。。):”P 是啊。。。,这一种照片蛮普偏,最重要是抓紧时机,在最多车的时候,才能做出比较棒的效果。:)

  3. OK will watch Surrogate...

    BTW, nice highway shooting...

  4. Lilian, I think you will like the movie and thanks for the comments.

    * Hopefully I could post some landscape photos today. Stay tune ya. :)

  5. Thanks for the bday wishes. i've always wanted to do this shot. lets have an outing together one of these days.

  6. No prob, hope that you got a great celebration with Alex. Sure sure, we could organize one next time. :)

  7. 很美呀!!! 很普通但是就是有种感觉!!!哈哈, i like it :)





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