Bangkok Trip Getaway Oct 09 - Day 1

Yes, waiting for the food and checking out the map

Yeah... finally I am back home in PG from my Bangkok trip. (Yes, it feel Sooo... good to be back again - home sweet home...) :"D. I guess I miss my bed a lot. (I sleep like I have not been for the last few days... but too bad, I need to get to work today, so pretty much I need to wake up for a 730am meeting today). And also need to close up/ reply a lot (and a lot) of emails to ensure that everything are in good shape. (Yeah, I still have 1 final one to settle tomorrow, then pretty much I am good). :"D

More Photos after the jump... :)

We stayed here. :)

Anyway today post pretty much will be related to the our Day 1 of our Bangkok trip. I didn't push myself to get a lot of photos. (I just goes with the flow..., when I think I wanna snapped it, then I will - Anyway it is a travel trip, it should be relaxing right? :") hehe...) So, you might noticed that sometimes, in certain day, there are moreee... photos than the other days... :"P. (Darn me)

Yeah... the "sisters" -@-'

The helper for the "sisters"

Anyway, on our day 1 of our trip, we stop by at the Kao San area in Bangkok. a pretty happening area and it is full with tourists. We stay at the Lamphu House located at that area. (It is not that bad, the room is clean and the rate is pretty reasonable). After we get ourself settled down, of course is time to get some local Thai food for our tummy. Yeah, our 1st stop is actually a stall not far away from our hotel which is taken care by 2 "sisters". But anyway, their food are good. :"D.

Yeah, the MRT is here. :)

A lone ranger on the road

and of course some heavy traffic you will encounter as well

After the meal, we went to the town area via the MRT for some praying as well as some souvenirs shopping near the platinum plaza. (We heard that there are a lot of wholesale shop at this plaza and you could get a lot of items much cheaper than the price outside). Found that the traffic is pretty jam in Bangkok (and yes, we stuck in a few heavy jam as well).

Performer at the temple getting ready for their show

Let's get the makeup ready

Watch your hand, she bites. :"P (And yes, she accept VISA as well)

Anyway, our last stop of the day is at the central world. We didn't go inside the mall... we just hang around outside the mall, sitting there (and rest our tired leg... yeah we realize that we are already not that young anymore for a lot of walking... :"P hehe).

Welcome to the Central World :)

Yeah, the BIG golden head is the trademark for Central World now.

Anyway, that's all for day 1. For those who are interested, you all could visit the Day 1 gallery here.I think I should go and get some rest now. (Still feel pretty tired after the trip). I hope you all will have a great evening. Night... :)


  1. I like this, next time if I go BKK free & easy, will refer to your blog:) Put as much info/review here ya:)

  2. Thanks Lilian. I will try to get more info into the post on the up coming posting. Hopefully you will enjoy the photos. :)

  3. 欢迎归来。等待你的“油鸡”。


  4. 那些女郎都很美也……尤其是即将表演的那些女郎,果然化起妆来就是不一样 ^^

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