Chee Wei + Liang Fang Wedding Day (Bride's Dinner)

Yes, this is the ride for the BIG day. >:D

It is the second day of Wei's wedding. Today, we will be going to Pokok Sena Hall for the bride's wedding dinner. Pretty much me and Wei (and Sam) have tag along in one ride (and me as the driver). :D Along the way, we crap about his wedding ride (The Toyota Alphard), the horse power and the feel of driving it. (Honestly speaking, it is a pretty nice car, and very suitable for a family with quite a number of members) :)

More photos after the jump.

Wei is there greeting the relatives.

I am not sure what they are looking at, but for sure it is kinda funny

This is Fang father. :)

Is almost evening time and the sky are in the purplish color now. :)

Relatives are coming to greet the couples. :)

and of course some catching for the parents as well

The hall is pretty BIG!

and the kids did not forget to enjoy themselves also

I have the style~! :D

Chong is showing me his "scary" eyes here. :)

Some auntie is anticipating for the event to start

Finally the entrance from the new couple

Let me get s shoot here. :)

Some performance of the night

Some uncle is watching the performance from the back of the hall

Woo... full with expression. :)

Some shoot for Chong and Fang's friend.

Wei and Fang started their toasting session

Here we go, bottoms up

Wei and Fang are  pretty excited and happy here.

Fang is looking for something?

Here come the Yum Seng session

Wei opening up the champagne

Family give a toast to the guest that night. :)

But, for this dinner, we will need to go back slightly early, so that Wei will be able to prepare for his BIG day tomorrow. :) (Yeah, there are a few custom that will need to perform one day before actual wedding day, like praying and getting blesses from the parents).So pretty much the next section is about those custom that are performed. :)

Getting ready for the praying session

Looks like FIL is pretty happy and Wei is pretty "pai seh" here. (hehe)

Wei  praying hard here. (for 4D? I 'm just kidding) :"D

FIL and MIL eating the "Tang Yuan" served by Wei

Check that out, MIL is enjoying it so much~! :D

Yeah he will be a big boy tomorrow. :)

I guess that's all for today (as well as the day two photos for Wei's wedding). I hope that you all will enjoy the series. :) Before I end the post, let me post one last photos of the couple. :)

Just another lovely couple shot for Wei and Fang. :)

I hope all of you have a great evening and a good rest (and ready for the FRIDAY tomorrow) :) Night...


  1. 这位是之前抽烟的那一位么?样子很像

  2. 嘻嘻,对。就是那一个。:)果然厉害啊。:D





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