The Crystallize World

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (ODM Watch)
Yes it is the ODM Watch Container

It has been another long day. As usual coding and coding...~: ) and I am glad that I am back at home to get myself to rest and ready for tomorrow. (Yeah~!) And also to complete the processing of the photos that is still in the "processing" folders. :"P (The relatives are like so anxious to see all of them, so no choice I got to get myself full throttle to get it done).

And in the same time, I realized that I have been stop posting the daily photo for a while, so I guess I will get it started again today. So to kick start the daily photo posting after a long stop, here we are the ODM crystallize world. It is actually an ODM watch box. Initially I plan to snap the watch photos but in the end, I find that the container is much interseting that the watch. :"P So... here we are the blue "ODM Crystallize World".

Ok, that's all for today. I hope you all will enjoy yourself tonight. ;) Signing off (from blogger now). :"P Let me get back to my photo processing again. ;) Cheers and night.


  1. Nice becomes crystal bling:)

  2. Thanks Lilian. :) It makes me feel like it is LED lighted as well. :"D

  3. 哇……ODM……一个让我心烦的字眼……哈哈~~
    我们公司现在像 hp 一样,很多 system 都是给外面的工厂做。那些工厂就是叫 ODM,我们的 project 都跟 ODM 有很大的关系,累坏了~~

  4. 哈哈。。。不好意思。让您看到了您会头痛的字眼。:“P





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