A Happy Belated Dewali

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (IBM Thinkpad DVD Drive)

Yes I need some DVD to proceed now.

Yes, It has been another long stretch of holiday due to the Dewali celebration by our Indian friends. (Happy belated Dewali to all of you - I know is kinda late, but I just got back from AS and could online again right now) :")

So..., what have I done in this long holiday...? I have went back to AS, accompany mum and grandma. As well as getting some photo shoots... (is not a lot, but at least I will be posting some more portraiture photos tomorrow). :") Accompanying mum for some shopping as well as the parent(s) - I mean LB's parent and mum for a Thai food treat @ Reng Riang located in Jitra. (For the Thai food lover, this is a good place to go, do check out their food there, it is very delicious). ;) Other than that, I watched a lot of movies I guess... (Getting some of my deserved rest... @ home - I guess I won't have much time do some catch up with the series that I follow like HEROS as well as some DVD that I have bought.) :) Pretty much, I completed HEROS episode 4 and a few DVD title. (Not bad..., but when I realize that I didn't brought my Bleach movie back with me... too bad, I think I will need to stop my DVD marathon there) :"P

Anyway, finally I am back home @ PG... right now. :) Will continue to process some photos tomorrow and then get myself ready (pack my stuff up) for my up coming trip. Ok then..., that's all for tonight. Good night everyone. :)


  1. 你的照片让我想到……我该为我电脑里的 data 做备份了……哈哈~祝你今天也能够好好享受你的照片编辑时间 :P

  2. 哈哈。。。好好。。。今天的照片也发上了。:)而您也该为您的电脑做备份啦。:)(不然,不见了,就真的欲哭无泪啊)





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