Happy Friday Again :D

Yes is fun laying down (in stead of being hook on the door)

Yes, is Friday again... and it is already October for the year of 2009. Times flies... after a few more weeks I will be travel to Bangkok (Yeah~!) and then to Japan (I believe this is what everyone is anticipating on) and then... may be another trip? (If nothing goes wrong here) and sooner or later it will be the end of the year again (and yes December, all I could remember about December is Christmas and mum birthday) :"D

Photo for today is the Christmas rain deer that I bought few years back. It has been hanging on my computer door all the time and 2 days back, I think the hook cannot sustain him any longer and he fall down. (Poor thing) :"P hehe, so I decided to get him a shoot as the photo of the day (Yes, we are back seemless white again). "Laying down is fun" - in stead of being hang on the door by a hook. :"P

Today, I would like to wish Fang Ying Happy birthday!! and Happy belated Birthday to Hoong (He is my brother in law - I mean... my sister's hubby) :"D Anyway, I hope everyone will have a great Friday night as well a great weekend ahead. CHEERRsss~~!! (To Author~!) xD


  1. 让我想到……再两个月就是圣诞节了呢!虽然圣诞节和我的宗教没有关系,不过却跟我有关系……至少我放假一天 :P

  2. 哈哈,是啊。。。我想那一天对每一个人都有不同的意义吧。:)





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