Leaving on a Jet Plane

Nature Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Plant at the Window)
Yes hopefully it is a good view. :)

Yupe, I will be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to Bangkok for a 1 week vacation. Finally I could get some good rest and hopefully it will be a great vacation. All the photography gears are ready with me and I am ready to get myself for a photography journey as well. :) (Hopefully I will be able to get some good travel photos back and share it with all of you here).

Another after a hectic day today... (I am not sure why, pretty much the day before your vacation will be the most hectic and busy one somehow...). I just wanna ensure that that my peers on the other side of the world will be able to handle (with the passdown I did for them ) the daily jobs that I managed while I am not around. Plus, some last minutes customer request before the end of your working day. :"P (And yeah, that's the most toughest one...)

Anyway, it is pretty much the end of the day for me now... I think I will let myself cold down (the nervous mind) and get myself ready for my tour. (YooHOo~~!) :) and the photo for today before I depart will be "View at the Window". It is actually taken at somewhere which I have been through a few times and love the natural lighting from that little window to the plant, so I decided to get my camera when I am there the next time to capture the photo. And here we are... "View at the Window" and hopefully the view from the (for everyone) at their own window/heart will a nice and lovely one.

Ok then, I shall log off reallll soon... :) to do some final check before my trip. I will see you all again in one week time. All of you do take good care of yourself and see you all again on my next blog post. Cheers and have a great evening ahead. :)


  1. ENjoy yourself man..
    Have a great holiday
    and while you're there can get the 70-200 f2.8VRII :P

  2. Hehe... Thanks Joel... the 70-200? Don't think it will launched at that time yet... I think we will see how it goes next year. ;) Thanks your vacation wish. :D

  3. 哦哦~~真好!!我还想休假呢~~
    祝你旅途愉快 ^^

  4. Hv a safe trip & most important enjoy:)

  5. 家梅: 谢谢。。。不过,现在已经回来了。:“P哈哈

    Lilian: Thanks, already back in one piece now... :"d





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