Signed . Sealed . Delivered

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wedding DVD)
Yes it is finally completed. (It will reach your hand soon Wei) ;)

And yes, it is finally done. :) and I feel great about it. At least I could bring it back to the (desperate) relatives as well as Wei for their viewing pleasure. Everything has been burned and converted to a DVD (Yeah, Wei didn't hire a videographer that night, so I hope that my photos will be another type of "video" for them to recap everything that has happened for the last 3 days - that's why the slide show posted lately is kinda long - I apologize on that. :"P) with labels and finally a nice DVD cover.  ;) And now I could nicely prepare myself to go to Bangkok next week. :D (YooHoo~!)

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Photos)
Yeah, will find one day to bring it back to them. :)

And yes, missed out a  blog post yesterday night. (Again preparing Wei's thingy) but we (LB and me) have also doing some other thingy. LB has been helping me to cut out some of the label (Yeah, I believe girl is much better than guys on that area) :"D. Printing some photos out... for relatives and friends. And for me, I decided to get myself some printing as well. The printing of the little angel in the village. ;) Yeah... I just think that I should return a favor by printing the photos out and pass it back to them on my next visit - may be I will just drop by for a quick chat. I believe (and hope) that they will like it. :)

I finally could get some rest now... :) Will depart back to Alor Setar tomorrow... to delivered all these "goodies". And hopefully I could see a smile on their face when they view the video. :") I hope you all have a great night. Signing off... ;)

* Thanks to LB for helping me out on getting the CD Label and cover ready for all the DVD. ;) You are the greatest! Thanks! :"*


  1. nice first try on the CD cover. must have taken quite a number of tries to get it right eh. :)

    it's also a nice thought to print the pic out and pass it over to the gal at the village.

  2. Hehe... the cover is still ok. measured and dump in the measurement to create the doc. and the label... I am trying to get the Disc printing to work. (Directly print on the CD type).

    Yeah, will bring back to them. Hopefully they will be happy about it. ;)

  3. Not bad, got prepare DVD somemore:) I'm sure your BIL is happy w/ it...

  4. 哇~~把 logo 也放上去了
    哈哈,服务还挺好的哦! :P

  5. 嘻嘻。。。当然了。:D 样样都要做的最好啊。。。:“)





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