Visit to the Persatuan Nelayan - Part 2 - An Angel in the Village

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
This is how she approach me. A smile together with her kittens. :)

As promised the 2nd post of this series will be on the people of the village. Eventually I only focus more on a little girl name Asnayati in the village. I am not sure how to describe, she just suddenly pop into me, hugging the 2 kitties naturally and so I started to snap her photos. She came closer so I started to talk to her. (This and that, what is she doing here and if she is staying here). and here goes a meet up with a little angel in this fishing village... :)

More stories and photos after the jump... :)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
Her smile was pure and natural. \:)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
This is her beloved kittie.

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
And she want a shoot with her kittie as well. :)

Anyway, she is kind enough to share her story with me, her kitties names. her life. Actually she didn't stay there, she just went over to fetch her dad back from the sea. Pretty much she just spent her time there. Pretty much, she is so natural in front of the camera and I realize that she is just so pure that she would just believe in what  you said. (Of course, she ask me about my gears, what is in this bag, and what is in other bag - I brought 2 bags that day, 1 for the camera, and one for the light stand).

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
A shoot with 1 light setup and here she goes. :) - I need some hair light there :"P

So I decided to demonstrate how all the gear works, I brought out the light stand set it up, plug in the umbrella, tuck in the CTO on the flash and requested her to sit on the bench. Pretty much she is kinda shock with all the setup and ask me innocently. "The umbrella, isn't use during raining?" - I just smile and told her that this is for photography, and how the light will come out and disperse and add light to the subject (with my almost cacated Bahasa Malaysia) :"P so after 3 shoots, she started to feel uncomfortable and told me. She don't like the light, it blinded her eyes. :"P (Haha... definitely a cute girl in deed). She said she will bring me to another location for a shoot, So I kept my stuff and follow her. And guess what, she brought me to her auntie...! :"P

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
The Makcik is kind enough to pose for me here. :) Thanks.

So, I snapped 2 photos of the auntie and showed her. and surprisingly she like the 2nd photos. :) After that, I stopped all the photographing and started to sit there and chatted with them. They told me how the project eventually impacted their living... (less fish everyday due to the project) and they will need to move to another location which provided with only 2 containers. They said they prefer the way it is now, the atap house, is much cooling and you could sit there (like what we did that day) feel the breeze of the sea. (And seriously the wind is very nice... there). And the location they will moved to is under the bridge and the sea level there is pretty steep. (According to them, once you fall down there, you won't be able to get up, the sea is very very deep there- Gis...). She told me about her son as well who is study art stream and wanna get a SLR for his study. (Who are still 2 years away from graduation).  :)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
They are on their way back from the sea

Anyway we have the talk for like 40 minutes. All the fishermen have come back from their fishing and they decided to go back. All of them welcome me to come back for chit chatting (or photographing) next round. They are just a bunch of nice people, and definitely I will go back again to pay them a visit. :)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Persatuan Nelayan Gelugor)
Bye, I will return and pay you all a visit again. :)

A pretty long post tonight, just some feel and thought after the outing last weekend. Again, I always believe that photography will be able to connect people together somehow... even though if you are on the street, in a village or even during an event. It is just the matter if you would like to try to do so and started the 1st step... (Just some of my thought and personal point of view). :")

I hope everybody will have a great night. Cheers...! :)


  1. Another nice work of portraiture, the little girl looks pretty on those. How innocent you've captured of her. Very nice:)

  2. ah.. going to try with SB900 next time. :P

    how i wish 580exII come with gel. :(:(

  3. Lilian: Yeah she is very nice, innocent and very lovely as well. I really hope I show that side of her. :) (At least that's what I feel when I took those photos). :")

    Georgie: I think you could buy some additional filter packs for Canon flash. (I think they do have it as well). Anyway SB900 should be a very nice flash to go with. ;) Gambateh!!

  4. Development really impacting much on their life. Waiting more story from you after your 2nd time visit. Keep up the good job, bro.

  5. Thanks for the support Chuan. :) Yeah it has been impacted their life a lot. I will post more stories when I paid them the 2nd visit. ;)

  6. 我非常喜欢这些照片,能够感受到一些不一样的风土感觉 :)





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