What I Did Tonight...

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Labtec Speakers)
Audited tones of music for the slide show. :"P

I have been messing mar with the Wei's wedding slideshow today. It is a fun process actually... arranging the photos, removing some of it and ensure that the story line is there and then audited (a lot and a lot of music - that's how the photo of the day comes out) and  slotted in the music and view (and feel) it. It is fun! :"P (I just wanna ensure that I completed everything, burn in into the DVD and brought back home this weekend). :) and then mission accomplished and I could nicely go to my Bangkok vacation next week. :"D.

I just realized that how slow is it to upload to youtube. :"P (I never feel the pain before until now...:"P) and there are a lot of articles on the the web that is helping users like me to speed up the upload to  youtube. :"P (Gisss....).

Anyway, Just in case you all are interested with what I am doing tonight. You all could view it here. (might take a while to load, so be patient ya :"P) Anyway, there are 2 more to coming. (I believe I will just continue to turn on my desktop and let it run tonight... I wonder how long it is going to take for the rest of it to upload completely).

Anyway I guess that's all for tonight. :) I hope you all have a great night as well. Night... :) (is time for me to sleep, another early meeting tomorrow...) :)





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