What's the Time Now?

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Baby-G Swatch Watch)
Yes it is 748pm now... I mean just now. :"P

Yeah it is like 915pm when I wrote this post. and based on the photo, it was like 748pm when this photo of the day was taken. :"P (And yes, this photo was taken after the dinner) I have been promised LB to take her watches photo for sometimes. So I think is time for me to execute it (Before I continue with my photo processing. ~:D Hehe... :"P).

These 2 watches are a Baby-G (It is a limited edition) and a Swatch. I think LB like them so much that it keep them like it precious. (I didn't include the ODM yesterday because of the different color feel when 3 of them combined together). Just wanna get something warmish this round. So in the end, I only used these 2. :)

And for the setup, it is a simple one. One light where the flash is gel-ed with CTO. keep the ambient kinda dark and then walah. The photo of the day "What's the time now?".

Ok then, I guess... I will stop now (and continue with my work). :) I hope you all enjoy your evening and have a pleasant night. :)


  1. 今天终于坐到沙发了~~

  2. 哈哈是啊。。。最近您应该比较忙吧。(我也是):”P谢谢而且欢迎您来坐沙发。:“D 嘻嘻。照片呢,看了喜欢就好。:)

  3. Very nice, like commercial adv of watches...

  4. haha.. the swatch looks familiar! :P I have 1 similar like this but metal band.

  5. Serious!? :D hehe... this swatch is kinda different. I think it is the cloth band with some small diamond (of coz is fake one) crafting on it. (and yours is the metal one)

  6. diff on the numbers.. but still 4 8 12.. got small diamond shape..pink bg... just the band is diff.. I afraid the cloth one i will dirty it.. :P so better choose metal.. :)

  7. Ohhh ic ic.. probably the same series but different model? hehe yeah cloth one is easier to get dirty. :)





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