Flying Off Tomorrow :)

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Pirate)
Yes... I am a PIRATE! (of Bangkok) :")

Today has been another busy day. dividing myself into 2 sections settling 2 tasks (But too bad I didn't really solve anything today, darn - pretty much both tasks are hanging in the air where you are like seeing a glimpse of light to resolution but somehow you are not). I will see how much I could complete tomorrow before I depart. (I might need to pass down to my peers to follow up for me). Gis... :(

To make things worse, Found that my dry box is not working anymore while I am in the middle of packing my photography gears. Looks like I will need to give a call to the shop tomorrow to told them that I will send it to check out when I am back.

But to cheer things up, I will be flying off again tomorrow evening (to Japan with a group of 10 friends). I bet everyone has been anticipate for this trip for quite sometimes. (Yahoo~!) XD

Photo for today is a souvenier that I bought during the Bangkok trip at Amphawa. It is a wooden made pirate figure (with a bit of creepy look on it). Nothing special on the lighting, 1 light and slightly feathered so that it didn't brighten up the whole subject.

Anyway, I better go and get myself to double check my luggage and this will be like another good bye post for me (again) until I return from my trip. I hope you all with have a great evening. See you all again when I am back. :) CHEERS!





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