Faces in the Gathering - cont...

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Roger looks pretty serious here :"P - He admitted this as well (haha)

It is almost comes to the end for the whole trip. Conducted training to our sustaining counterpart and then follow up with the remaining release items that we need to take care of... and before we called it a day, a small photography project that I planned for manage to kick start with the help of Kriti. She brought tones of her gears (2 umbrellas, adapters, light stand, some flashes and even the 3 Pocket Wizard(PW)!!! and gosh I love the PW a lot!) to the office so that I could complete this small project that I planned while I am here. (Thanks a lot Kristi for loaning all the required gears).

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Is Bob here. :) - and my parcel on the right.:"P

Anyway, Initially my plan is just to shoot for our application team, but in the end more and more people is joining the fun and I just continue shooting then. :"P I hope everyone is enjoying themselves there. (At least I am - although I kinda pressure if I am shooting a good photos for all of you or not). And Roger, thanks for being my experiment model before everything started and sorry for your neck pain due to posing. ;"P

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
She is Amanda - and she is kinda shy as well. :D

And for today posting is going to be about the peoples and faces in the small gathering that we have on day 1. Doug do brought his cute kids over for this gathering as well. (Yes they are extremely cute, specially Amanda). Of course while the adults are chit chatting at the living room. They are having their own fun time as well playing with the toys. (Me and Roger do have some of our own time on the air hockey as well, but too bad Roger is still the champ here) :"D

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Jason is having fun here. :)

Anyway, less writing (Although I have wrote a lot here) and more photos today. Hope that you all will enjoy the short posting today. I will need to go and pack up my stuff and get ready for my return tomorrow. See you all soon. Take care and have a nice day. :)


  1. Yupe she is cute. I didn't took a lot of photos that, snap a few then call it day and enjoy the session with the rest of the gang. :D

  2. 竟然偷拍小女孩的裙底风光 :P

  3. I would like to see more photos to posted:p

  4. 家梅:其实我也有想过这问题,不过,Amanda有穿安全裤而且也象他父亲征求同意了才发布的。不过, 她真的很可爱。:)

    Lilian: More photos coming up next week. :)(Have shoot some in the office as well) ;) Stay tune ya.





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