Japan (Kyoto & Osaka) Trip Nov 09 - Day 5

Is time to shop again. :"P

Another ordinary day... An early meeting with my manager and follow up with coding coding... and coding to close up the required release items on WW04. Finish work on the same time and continue with the day 5 photo processing. And finally it is done... (YES~!) Few more days to go and I will do a wrap up for the whole Japan trip for year 2009. (I know I might not be able to make it before the end of 2009) So it will be drag over to 2010. Hope that all of you won't mind about it. ;"P

More Photos after the jump... :)

The entrance

Autumn-ness in the temple

Yupe, that's the entrance ticket. :)

The Golden Pavilion

Day 5 has been another great day, we visited the Kinkakuji aka "The Golden Pavilion" early in the morning. We stopped by at the shop outside of the Kinkakuji to take a look at the souvenirs and pretty much we didn't bought anything there BUT... (yes but) most of us has go and try our luck with the lottery of the souvenir in a ball and see what we got inside the ball. :"P (I am not sure how to describe it precisely, darn me) Anyway, Kinkakuji is a hugh golden temple. The top two stories of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaf. The pond in front of it is called Kyōko-chi (Mirror Pond).

LB - Victory!

Hoong and Huie Chien - Autumn Sonata

LB and Mei Lin

And May Ling herself. ;)

And of course, how could we forget to do some portraiture session for the rest of the gang. (Guess been bite by the buggy on Day 4 and it makes me continue to get the trip members for some shoot here) :"P

Another friendly face in the temple

Looking for food


Seeking and Waiting

After that, we do have our lunch at a near by small restaurant. The lady shop owner there are patiently getting our orders and served the food to us. :) We also do visited the Myokenji. A very neat temple but too bad we are not allow to take any photos while we are in the temple. ~:)

The lady shop owner

Yeah I love the socks. :"D - While waiting for food

A view in the restaurant

Waiting for customer

Our final stop for day 5 is the Philosophy Path, I just love how the whole reddish feel at the phlosophy path... At least it gives me a calm feeling while I am there. (And the weather is great as well) :) I guess this overall feeling has brought cheers to everyone on the trip. We did get a small rest (due to the rain) at a small cafe nearby.

a BB doll in front of the bus. :D

LB - with her normal and cheeky face. ;"P

Hoong - his smile is just great. ;)

I love this shoot - boht of them are just cute! Do check out HC expression as well. :"D

Mun Wai - Which flavor of Alex do you prefer? :"P

is ML - finally an individual shoot

One of my Fav shoot for LB. :"D

Raining - Resting under the hood

Anyway, I guess that's all for today and for day 5. For those who are interested, the full day 5 gallery is available here... Hope that you all have a great evening. ;) Cheers.


  1. Yeah...you always like my photo that i feel myself look stupid and ugly. Anyway, this series is nice, just love the overall feel and vibriant is just perfect.

  2. No worry... you looks great... and natural in those photos. ;)

  3. i wish i'm 1 of the model in this lovely pic. hehe :p
    the view is amazing!!

  4. I check your smugmug, wonder, I always look great under your camera:) Thks.

    SH, no worry, you look beautiful, all natural take very nice:)

    Anyhow, I like Day 5 series, as can see more red maple trees:)

  5. Agnes: Hehe... sure see when we have the changes of doing that. :"D

    Lilian: Thx... most importantly, you all like the photos that have you in it. :) (I am glad that you said that you look great in my photo - that's really a BIG compliment to me) :")

    Yeah, I like day 5 series as well, while processing it, I feel that I am still at the location... enjoying the breeze and the smell of the forest. :"D

  6. 我想……如果我在那边,我肯定会疯狂乱拍照的 XD

  7. 可别太疯狂,他们会打999哦。。。~:)

  8. wasn't the lottery thingy at Mt. Hiei, where HW, ML, Dr Goh won the prize?

  9. Oh No... I meant the vending machine that sell the bola bola that have pin(s) in it... (I am not sure what it is called) - you slot in the money... you turn the button, one ball come out and you go figure out what you got... :"D (Sound like lottery right? (Not the Mt Hiei one... :") (I still remember that one)





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