A Small Gathering

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Yupe is almost Xmas. :)

Yes, I have spent a few days in FM and pretty much today is the 2nd day at work (in FM). having a map (1/2) day (Yeah it is just a 1/2 map day, getting everything align  to what is required in the future) and pretty much the first day is a meeting after meeting kind of day. (It is kinda brain squeezer, but it is fun. ;)). And for today, it is the coding day... working with Roger to get everything work out on his project items and of course to perform some research for the release 2 next year (If it still happen).

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Yeah, the kids is enjoying themselves at the back

And for today, manage to complete all the remaining shopping AR from everyone. (And I could get an early rest back in the hotel for arrange my luggage) :"P. and for Day 1 evening, we do have a small gathering at Bob's house for some chit chatting, and food session with the rest of the guys. It is a fun session of course where everyone could sit down, jokes without the burden to think about works. :"P And of course me as a paparazi took out my camera to snap a few photos of the occasion as well. :") (Actually there are a few kids photos but I am still waiting for a reply from my peers to ensure that he is ok for me to publish the photos on the blog).

Anyway, is another great day 2 in FM. Love the way it is now and also I am pretty happy that I could get home soon. (I miss a lot of things there). And for you guys who just started your day. Have a fun and great day there. Cheers... :)


  1. I like the 1st pic.
    I think I still remember Bob's house deco.

  2. Thanks Lilian. Yeah Bob's house is nice (again very familiar) it is my 3rd time visiting his house. :) and he has a very nice Xmas deco now. :)

  3. Festive season is coming again.. i guess everyone is in the celebration mood. :)

  4. Yup, Xmas is pretty much like our chinese new year in Malaysia. :) (Big deal!)

  5. 我喜欢第一张~~
    如果我有时间,我也想做个这样的娃娃屋~~ :(

  6. 其实呢,整个娃娃屋是很长的,我是拍了一小段。(它被排放在钢琴上)。而且又有灯在里头。真的做到微翘微妙啊。:)

  7. i love ur 1st pic... oredi save it..will use it as my wallpaper. Hope u dun mind. :p

  8. Hehe...no worry... go ahead and use it. ;) Thx.





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