Somwhere Familiar

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
A shoot in the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) in the morning. :)

Landed in the Hilton Garden Inn, Folsom (FM) on Friday around 12am and after I get everything settled down, it is already 3am in the morning. (Yes another late night sleep for me). So I decided not to go far on the Saturday and stay somewhere near. On the next morning, when I drive around in the town, I realize how familiar I am to this town. It has been my 4th/5th visit here and pretty much I know where to get what I needed basically and everything seems to be pretty accessible for me. (Looks like I am kinda use to the village lifestyle in FM) :"P

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Folsom)
Yeah, everything seems to be familiar here, even the road

Went to Vacaville premium outlets today and along the way they are 2 minor accidents and 1 major accident. (I called it a major accident is because the 2 vehicles involves has been pretty much on up side down position and the driver has been sent to the hospital via ambulance ~: |)  manage to complete most of the shopping AR for the family members and friends today (at least it has been 90% completed so far). Still need to close a few more then I will stop for good. :"D.

 Anyway, I think I will get an early rest today... :) Get some good sleep and ready for the map day tomorrow. (Hopefully it will be a great day tomorrow) and for those are are in PG. Happy Monday to all of you. Cheers and night. :)

* It is getting closer to Christmas and everybody is on the shopping mood and the weather is getting colder and colder now. (It is at 41F now... gosh is freezing...) ~:"P


  1. take care and enjoy your trip...

  2. Chuan: Sure... and thanks.

    Lilian: Yeah... it is kinda familiar here. Been here so many times and very familiar with the surrounding. (Compare to AZ - May be I should pay AZ more visits to get familiar with it as well :"P)

  3. I missed Hilton's bed and pillow....

  4. Yeah, I like the bed and pillow as well... but I am not sure why, it wakes me up pretty early though. ~:"P

  5. Damn man, that chairs better than office !! it cost close to RM1k...
    and i bet its real comfy..

  6. 夜晚的颜色好美~~~还有,我也要学学做假 lomo 了 :P

  7. Joel: Yeah very nice and comfy :"D you feel nice sitting on it. The pillow here is very nice as well. x"D

    家梅: 是啊。。。照着相片时,是接近黄昏之时,所以天空的颜色也保留了。:)所以可以看到很多的颜色。:)

  8. hehh...somewhere not familiar to me & i wonder will i hav the chance to get familiar wif LOL. take care & njoy ur stay there =)

  9. No worry, you will have the chance to come over. (Just remember to ask your mgr not to come to PG, so that all of you will have the chance to come over here to pay him a visit) :")





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