The Watchman

Yes, Roger is Watching :)

I have been stop posting for a while after my return due to a few reasons. Pretty much I have been down and out due to food poisoning the day after I landed (or should I say after my 1st dinner in Malaysia). Being pretty much no energy to do work properly nor photo processing due to the food poisoning. Anyway, I am getting better and feeling better right now. (Thanks to everyone for the great tips to cure the gastric as well).

Also realize that there are still a lot of backlog photo processing work for me to complete (The Japan trip + one last office portraiture shoot when I am in the state). Anyway I guess I will proceed base on my energy level and post it up once it is done.

Photo for the day is "The Watchman" by Roger. (Thanks to Roger for being the test subject before the actual office portraiture session started the other day) and here is one of the photos taken during that time. :) Kinda love it because Roger is doing his spooky look to me when this shoot was taken. :"P (This is a one light setup with an SB800 on a 43" umbrella on the far right).

Anyway, I guess that's all for this morning, this post has been eventually stuck in my "Edit Post" listing for a while. So I guess it is good for me to release it out in stead let it pending there for so long. Let me get myself ready for work and yes, tomorrow is a public holiday for us. :"D Hope everyone will enjoy their holiday. CHEERS. :)

* I guess there is still some minor jetlag with me. I will wake up around 5am and then... awake.. :"P (I guess I still need sometimes to get adapt to this). ;)


  1. Can feel you no energy at all for these few days in the office. BTW, get more rest during this coming holiday ya. Take care...

  2. Yeah... may be I am not like the normal me in the office lately. :"P Anyway will get better soon.. ;)

  3. 哇!这位哥哥的眼睛炯炯有神,挺酷的啊!呵呵

  4. 是啊。。。他可是很靓仔的啊。:D

  5. wahaha..the spooky look. A good model ey him =P





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