Daniel + Mei Ling Wedding - Teaser

Wedding Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Daniel + Mei Ling)

It has been another great weekend and decided to get one day off to accompany LB since she is not working today (Yeah, it is KM public holiday). Finishing some release tasks last week and pretty much finalize everything last week. So, I guess I need to get ready for the actual release this week as well as what is coming up in the next 3 weeks. (Yes,another release on WW08 and I will need to complete my task + one additional stretch goal by WW07 for Chinese New Year. ~:"D). I really hope I got ample time to get all this done (Where Herb is out for his bonding leave). Anyway, everything will be fine. ;) That's what I believe in...:"D

So, photo for today is actually a tease photo for Daniel and Mei Ling. And yes, has been working on this series of photos since last week. Hopefully I could get this completed within the next few weeks and get it posted up once it is approved and ready for the release. ;") So Daniel and Mei Ling, just in case you two are reading this..., I believe you two should be able to view the whole series real soon. Stay tune for my email ya. :") (And thanks for your patient...)

Ok, time for me to get back to work. I hope everyone will have a great night ahead... and a great day tomorrow. :) Cheers!!


  1. 哈?只有一张而已啊?
    KM 是……?(我也叫 KM 叻…… :P )

  2. 家梅: Teaser 往往都不会有很多张。:P等我做完了就会Post上全部。;) KM -》 Kulim啊。。。:“D 不是Kah Moey.

  3. 期待~ 期待~





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