A Farewell Note

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Converse All Star)
Not to the shoes, but the glass that is shooting it. :`)

A slow day today, getting my items ready for the release tomorrow. (Yes a small release, and there will be a server upgrade tomorrow morning as well and I will need to be the backup for my sustaining US team mate just in case they are not sure how to solve anything that might arise). Anyway, good thing is that our "extraordinary" hard work pay off has been banked in today. (Which is something to cheer everyone off - I bet everybody is happy about other than the tax deduction section :"P hehe...)

Anyway, A special dedication today... a farewell post for a glass that has been with me for quite sometimes. It is my Nikon 35mm F2. Which has been accompany me specially during my street shooting (Yes, I used these 35mm lens as my standard lens on my D70 last time during all of my street shooting). A great and sharp prime lens in deed and I am going to hand it over to his new owner (BK) tomorrow. (I hope BK won't mind that I am using his soon to be lens for a last shoot tonight). I know I am going to miss him a lot.

Anyway, photo for today is the Converse All Star that I have. The photo was taken with lens wide open at F2 with a double diffuse strobe softbox with the CTO gelled flash on the left. (I know I am going to miss it's bokeh, so I just shoot it wide open so that I could remember how does it looks like in the future). :")

Anyway I guess that's all for tonight, let me keep all the gear so that I could do a proper hand over tomorrow. Night internet people... and bye to my 35mm...


  1. Legendary lens. Glad it found a new home

  2. Yeah... It is a great lens and I am going to miss him so much :~|

  3. haha i won't mind.. hopefully i can treat it as well as it's previous owner haha

  4. Thx Joel... I bet you will love this lens and believe that you will take good care of it. :"D

  5. A test comment... since Lilian reported the Failure... :"P

  6. LOL at first i really tot u're throwing away the shoes =P wahahha

  7. Neh... it is a new pair of Converse. Don't think I will throw it away. (Although it looks kinda rusty) :")

  8. 我也是以为你要丢弃那双鞋子了……却看不到那双鞋子有什么破旧的样子 =.="

  9. 哈哈。。。不是啦。。。是镜头。。。也把它交给了新的主人。。。希望它在哪里会好好的。:)





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