I am Not a Rock Star

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Rock Star)
Yes, I am not. :"P

It has been another great Friday. Starting with a smooth deployment to all the 3 environments and then the server upgrade was completed successfully as well. (Although there is some small log shipping incident in the middle, but in the end, manage to close it successfully, YEAH!) >:D and  a 3 days long holiday is up ahead, and hopefully we could get some fruitful rest here... ~:)

Trying to do something slightly different for photo of the day. Different lighting setup and getting some prop here and there (My old eletric guitar + LB's black spec :"P) to get what is in my mind today (some rock star feel photo) after listening to the Joe Satriani's - If I could Fly song  for the whole darn day. There is some story about this song where Joe sued Cold Play for copyied his song and put it in their Viva La Vida. There are some similarities between both song, but personally, I think both songs are great and in the music industry there will be so many coincidences specially when you come to song composure (on the chord changes and progression). Just my 2 cents...:")

Anyway, an early post today. Planned to get some early rest and watch some TV/DVD show tonight. :) Another 3 days holiday awaits (Poor LB will need to work during weekend since their vendor is here and they only have the tool time during weekend :( ). Anyway, I guess I will need to find something to work on for the next 2 days. I hope everyone will have a great weekend and holiday a head! And to those friends who are celebrating Thaipusam, Happy Thaipusam to all of you. Cheers... ;)


  1. 我也很喜欢 viva la vida 这首歌曲哦!另外一个版本,跟 love story 合奏的,感觉也很不错 :P

  2. 是啊。。。我也很喜欢Viva这首歌。。。很特别,很有感觉,而且很有启发性:)。。。 假期快乐。:)

  3. haha.. i think this picture will be nicer without the sunny.. cos it doesn't suit you..:P now looks like a blind man who plays at the street.. :P

  4. Hehe... yeah some of the folks have the same thought as you as well. ;) Will see how it goes next time :"P. Thx for the inputs. ;)





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