In the Kitchen

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Self Portrait)
Yes, is me in the classic bulls Jordan jersey. :"P

Yes... a 2nd blog post of the day with in a few hours time... and finally, with much encouragement I decided to post this photo up..., Yes is my self portrait again... :"P (Hehe... hope that I won't scare you all away...) :"P Is fine, if I did do let me know... :"P (But seriously, I don't have any model to go for other than myself, so pleaseee.... bare with me) ~~:")

This is the photo from today lighting test. I took the shoot at the kitchen. (LB did ask me to go up stair and use the small area as my mini studio, but somehow I still prefer this location..., (It just give me the right feeling somehow) So I pretty much move my gears up and down take some quick shoot, get a feel of it and decide if I shoot proceed there). Anyway, in the end, I still went back to the kitchen to do it... :"P

This shoot was done with the CTO. It is a one light setup in a softbox (with double diffuse), and yes love the much softer light produce with the double diffuse, most probably I will used that again next round to see what other possibilities that I could come out with... :)

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight... :) This is going to be the closure... and I am heading to bed... Night folks... :)


  1. I will bring Eugene to be your model sometime if you don't mind to take kids photos.. :P

  2. Yeah sure... just bring him over anytime... :"P

  3. You shot your own portrait by remote ctrl? Deep...CTO:p

  4. Eee... I dun have a remote.... So I just used a timer for that... (Yow know those features that allow you to go and prepare yourself for a few seconds then you hear the beep beep sound then only snap function). :"P

    CTO (color temperature orange)is a gel that used for color correction. I used it for some slightly warmer tone here. :")

  5. 唔唔,光线的感觉是不错……不过,感觉你的表情有点怪怪的…… :P 应该是不够自然吧……

  6. 哈哈。。。还好吧。。。还是很不习惯自拍,(习惯了在相机后面),所以已经是很尽量的自然了。:“D(哈哈),没办法没太多的”model“就先自用了。~;)

  7. WOW! impressive! I like the softness of the light.. :)

  8. Yeah... love the softness of the light as well... even the brightest part is very soft as well... Will try more with this type of lighting in the future. ;)

  9. wah, lilian start to talk photography terms liao. mang siao siao!

  10. Yeah... Lilian is picking up photography terms real fast now... ;)

  11. Heheh... I dunno what to act d... :"P (Other than been acting cool) :"P





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