Monday with Laughter

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bleach Ulquiorra Cifer)
Introducing Urukiora Shifā

It has been another great day... pretty much completed most of the assignment on hand. (Work and photo related). Yes, completed the post processing for Daniel + Mei Ling galleries. (I believe it will be posted up real soon) ;). And for today, most of us went to attend the Joey Yap Feng Shui seminar this morning... (and seriously, the attendance is much much more encouraging compare to the open forum that we have for our department) :"P Personally I think it is a very good sharing session that we have and Joey is a pretty good speaker as well. :) (Where everybody keep looking at each other face to see if we are having a good fortune this year) :"P Anyway I already started to feel that Chinese New Year is getting closer. (I bet everybody do...;))

So before I end this post and since the post will be much better with a photo, here is the photo of the day. It is the figure that I bought from Japan, yes part of the bleach anime again. (I think all of them do come in one set) :) It is called Urukiora Shifā, I think he is the 4th leader in the Aizen's army of Arrancar. :) Anyway simple lighting setup with one light. (I also have done some lighting test for portrait (use myself as a model again) and in order not to scare the viewer away with my silly look, so in the end I didn't use that shot as the photo of the day here. Hehe... :"P)

Anyway, enough of the nonsense, I hope all of you have a great evening and a good rest. Cheers. :)


  1. Yeah... since he is wearing white, think that black will be a better choice for the background... glad that you like it. :)

  2. 你的公仔又增加了~!
    怎么是个哭丧脸的公仔?还是化妆而已? :P

  3. 是去日本时买的。。。价钱蛮公道的。。。(而且比起PG的价钱,算是很便宜了):”)。不是哭丧的脸。。。而是一种彩妆。:)





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