One More Day to February

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bleach - Rukia Kuchiki)
Rukia Kuchiki

It has been a long weekend, it is long cause I have spent pretty much 2 days at home (While LB is working in Kulim for the last 2 days - Her Germany vendor is here and she will need to be there so that the vendor will know what to be solved for their machine). Pretty much, getting myself rest up at home, get some home deco done and get ready for CNY. (And yes, it is already the last day of January, and the first day of February is just up ahead - 14 days more to CNY). :"D

Trying to shoot some photos while LB is not at home, pretty much I don't have much inspiration crossing into my path so I decided to keep all the gears, watch some movie and DVD just to rest myself up. And in the end, I realize something that I have been forgotten for so long, to read some comic. So I have went online and read the Bleach comic that's I have missed out since the last episode of anime that I've watched. Anyway it has been fun. :"D

So photos for the day is related to Bleach again... this round is Rukia Kuchiki. The 1st soul reaper who has come upon the main character Kurosaki Ichigo. Rukia's zanpakutō (so called their sword), Sode no Shirayuki, is released with the command "dance". In its released state the blade becomes completely white and a ribbon forms from the pommel, earning it the recognition as the most beautiful zanpakutō in Soul Society.

Anyway, Another holiday tomorrow for us. I hope that everyone have a great rest this weekend and also a good February tomorrow. CHEERS... for a better tomorrow... :")


  1. 我也是现在才想到……我还没下载最新的《柯南》!!哈哈~~等下做完我的 deployment,就要去下载来看~!

  2. I like the way you shoot this figure:)

    Poor boy, alone at home...

  3. 家梅: 是啊,我也好久没有看漫画了。。。一下看了那么多。。。好爽。还有一部是井上雄彦的[REAL],是关于残障篮球员的。。。我觉得故事很不错,也有很多启发性的效果。不过,发布时间就慢了一些。:“)

    Lilian: Thanks... Neh is fine... I still could find my own things to do... like read the online comic. :"P (as well as some light test) - so is still pretty fine. :"D





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