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Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bleach - kurosaki Ichigo)
Don't think you will wish to see it - View in large

It has been another rough day (I believe Lilian will agree with me - she is still in the office last hour to ensure that one of her infra are "alive" properly). Completed almost 2/3 of the day with meetings and left only a few hours for some development work. (Yeah, looks like the busy schedule is slowly coming back - with additional roles and works coming forward). Anyway 2 more weeks with one more additional item to complete and I hope that I will have ample time to close that by this week. and use another week to properly test it (or debug if required) before release it out on the next 2 weeks time. (Phew... ~: ), still trying to keep myself to be in a very +ve position here)

Anyway, Photo of the day is from the Bleach anime series again. I posted one last time and here we are, another one of it (where Kurosaki Ichigo is in his bankai + hollow form). This round just another 1 light setup hiding one side of his mask to suits the theme today. slightly keeping the mask with tattoo in the shadow... (Don't think you wanna see that part of the face, it is scary) ;"P (Alex as requested, here you go... ;))

Anyway, I think I will keep this short and continue with some other tasks that I wanna work on. I hope you all will have great evening and a great day tomorrow... ;) Night...


  1. don't know whether my setting is too dark.. or what.. i can't see anything.. just see some blue color and orange shades.. :P

  2. Probably... I have the same thing here in the office. May be my home monitor is too bright somehow... will go and check on when I am back... :"P

  3. Rough day that day... Today also not going to be better too, GER env is down...
    See you still cracking w/ head working w/ US folk.

    Ya, bit too dark the pic...

  4. Yeah... still the same here right now... few more weeks to go and hopefully I will be able to finish it. (Luckily Herb help me out a lot on this before he go for his bonding leave).

    Anyway, yeah is kinda dark when I view it in the office monitor... (although the house monitor looks ok) will take note on that next round during shooting. Have a nice day. ;)

  5. 似乎暗了一点哦……几乎看不到…… :P





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