The Race Car in Your Palm

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Logitech Performance Mouse MX)

It has been another normal working day for me... completing most of the bug fixes required for the next release and prepared myself for the up coming meeting tomorrow. (Yes is a new project that I handled which might need some coordination, so.., I think some preparation up front is better and hopefully I will do well in it). My plan for tomorrow is to kick start the design for the upcoming new requirement for the release. Yes just on the design to ensure that everything goes flawlessly when the coding start... :"D

Anyway, photo for today is the Race Car in Your Palm (in large)... I hope it did give some race car feel in it since that's what it makes me feel so far... versetile, fast and is just so sexy (Yes it fits my palm well) when I hold it in my palm. :") It is the Logitech® Performance Mouse MX™ that implement the Darkfield Laser Tracking™ (It is an PDF file, don't click if you don't wanna load) :"P techonology where the mouse even could be used on the glass. Another 1 light setup in a double difuse softbox. and here we go, the photo of the day. :)

Anyway, a short post today. Hope that you all will enjoy it as well. Thanks and hope that all of you will have a great night ahead. :) Cheers.


  1. I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.


  2. Mouse-meh, look n look still don't know what it is till reading your blog... Cool mouse...

  3. Yeah, it is a mouse... :"D side view of it... :"P wanna get some glowing race car feel here, so I shoot it side view... `:"P (Pai seh ya)

  4. Yeah is very nice and it is on a sales when I bought it during my last trip to the state. (It is like 50% cheaper than the price selling here) :")





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