2 More Days to Go

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwafts)
Yes you are almost at the edge, doc. ;")

2 more days to go and I will officially off for Chinese New Year(CNY). Looks like I have been kept talking about Chinese New Year lately for the last few post. (Oh yeah... just wanna get reader to feel that the CNY mood is getting closer and closer... and cheer up slowly for the next few days - even though if you have a bad day. ;))

Anyway, today photo of the day is the 7 dwafts - Watch your step (In large). It is just another toy strobe photo that I used to do. Hope that you all will enjoy it. ;) Night folks.


  1. HAPPY CNY to you and your family. :)

  2. yeah...yeah.... one of my collection. It is from Japan. hehe...Will get more when we go again. :)

  3. Yupe, your favorite 7 dwafts... ;) Sure will need to get more when we r in Japz... the quality is just superb :"D

  4. 哈哈,这张的光线很不错的感觉 :)





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