Is a Black & White Day

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Letter are Things, Not Picture of Things)
Yeah, is me again doing some silly posing. :"P

It has been another fruitful day. :) Completed most of the items that is on my hand. I guess two more project meetings tomorrow. (Sum up all the meeting minutes, then I guess I am ready for my Chinese New Year Holiday). Woo Hoo~! :"D (Oh ya, need to submit my MSR as well - I will need to remember that so that I will send it out before I go OOO). :) 1 more day to go... :"D

Anyway, photo for today is slightly different. (Yes is me again). Using a different lighting setup. The light is from the top front. I has been wanna do this setup for quite sometimes, and finally, I finalized and completed it today with the black and white finishing. :") (Eventually, I did the same things yesterday BUT, I am topless yesterday, so I don't think I should post up something that might offended anyone here. :"P Although I feel that the photo yesterday give a totally different mood and feel then the one today - Anyway just some of my personal thought). So here we are the photo of the day. "Letter are Things, Not Picture of Things" - in large if you wish to check out the details. ;)

Ok, I guess that's all for tonight, I hope that I could get one final post tomorrow before I headed off back to my home town. I am not sure if I will shoot any new photos, but there will one, if there is a post tomorrow. And before I forget, I wish to wish Fang (Wei's wify a Happy Birthday! Hope that you two have a great celebration tonight). ;) Night folks. :)


  1. You remind me of MSR...Thks...

    Happy CNY & do enjoy the holiday w/ your family:)

  2. Oh yeah, need to submit MSR before I go off.

    Same to you Lilian. Happy CNY to and you... ;)

  3. hmm...somehow this different feeling. Still like the earlier one better...

  4. Yeah me too... I still prefer the previous edition. :"P

  5. 那两行字的意义真深奥…… :S

  6. 别想太多了。。。等一下头爆了才知道。:“)

  7. yoyo...最近為何一直promote自己?哈哈

  8. 没有啦,just used myself as a model for shooting... not promoting myself... :"P pai seh pai seh





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