The Light is Up

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (SB800 - The light is up)
Yes, the light is up (So do the flash) :"D

It has been a pretty pack day, 3 meetings in the early morning and closing everything up some some meeting minutes.Time flies pretty fast as well, just the blink of an eye, it is already 4pm+ and then it is already almost the time to get back home to rest. (Yes, it's good to get some rest). I guess time pass way much faster when you are busy.

Anyway, back home, finally manage to get the CNY light deco up and running outside the house... and looks pretty good too. So I decided to get some shoot on them getting them just in their bokeh shape. with some slight add on flash with CTO just to bright things up.(tried with the CTB, but it didn't looks that right, so in the end I stuck with the CTO) :"P. Anyway here we go, our a bit abstract photo of the day. "The Light is Up" in large. ;)

Anyway, let me get myself back for some other task  that I wanna work on. I hope you all will have a great night. Cheers. :)


  1. Can see the "small small balls" on the wall...

  2. Oh yeah, the red one is the firecrackers lighting and the gold one is actually the "fu" letter. :")

  3. 哇~~看到“福”字,新年快要到咯~!

  4. 不错嘛。。。这样也能看到。。。强啊!!:)





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