One Day of Work Out

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Light and Shadow)
Yeah, in the light not in the shadow. :)

It has been a long day. Yeah, pretty much another round of ride + house cleaning today. (Really thanks to Lean for coming over early in the morning to help out on the ride detailing, the car looks super new now - Thanks a lot Lean). :") Yeah the whole detailing session finish around 630pm. (I guess...) and continue helping out LB to clean up the house (just the down stairs since I have complete the up stair yesterday) and finally the hour is neat and tidy! and I believe we are ready for Chinese New Year (CNY) now!! >xD Yahoo~! (Thanks to LB for working out on the spring cleaning while we are working on the ride. Thanks... :"))

Anyway, Photo for today, is "Light & Shadow" (In Large - If you are interested to check out the details of it). A shoot made outside my house. with a flashlite + CTO in a double diffuse soft box on the right (my right) :"P.

Anyway, I guess I will keep this short. I will still need to go and grab my dinner and tomorrow will be another working day... (few more days to go before I have my decent off day during CNY). :") I hope you all will have a great Sunday night... + a better and closer CNY mood now... Cheers... :)


  1. 那影子有种古时候的英国的感觉……哈哈

  2. 哈哈。。。这样都能够想到。。。不错嘛。。。:)。不过,那是我家大门的影子。:)

  3. This is an awesome pic! I love it, very raw feel to it. Good on you!

  4. Hi Classyadele, welcome to my blog. :) And I am glad that you love the photo. Thanks and have a great Sunday night. :)

  5. Nice & ancient... Yup, I like it too:)

  6. Alamak.. potential model pula... if I post up what I shoot today... Sure lagi teruk. :"P Hehe... anyway Thx Kancil. ;)

  7. Nice shadow.. looks like mural too! :) Creative!

  8. Thx B&G. Glad that you enjoy this photo. ;)

  9. wow...nice wo. 什么時候才能拍出像你醬有水準的照片。嘻嘻

  10. Sure you could..., just practice everyday and u will be able to do it. ;)

    ** pai seh, is using my frenz desktop and his Chinese system is not that friendly, so in the end, I decided to proceed with english reply. :")

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