Saturday Morning

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Saturday Morning)
With the Toshiba and Astro remote on the table. :)

Yeah, today is Saturday is the last weekend before Chinese New Year. I bet everyone is busy with their spring cleaning or shopping for the new year. :) For me, I am still at home doing some house chores and hopefully the house will be clean enough after my "man"-ful cleaning. :"P (LB is still need to work with the vendor to close their tool buggies). Anyway, I believe I will just use one more day to clean up the house for one more round before CNY. (Not tomorrow, there will be a bigger task to complete tomorrow). Phew...

Anyway, I wake up pretty early today, getting the breakfast ready and start my chores around 8am. Saw this sunlight shinning through my door around 7am+ and I just love the softness and reflection on the table. So, i just grab my camera and snapped a few shots as the photo of the day. :) Yeah today is just another pure ambient light day.

Happy Saturday everyone. :) Cheers.


  1. 我也是刚刚才收拾好我家的全部东东 :P

  2. 我也是才刚刚收拾好。。。都快垮了。:“P

  3. 我偷懶,只清理了濕廚房那part.哈哈


  4. Yeah... time flies very very fast.. spring cleaning is just part of the "process" b4 CNY. but no matter what, cleaning some part is better than no cleaning at all. :)

    Haha... happy belated spring cleaning. ;)





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