There Goes the Holidays

Finally I am back to PG from the long stretch of holiday. I guess I should have the rest that I needed and get myself ready and pump up for the 1st day of work tomorrow. I have cleared up most of my email and understood the recent re-org that was announced during the holiday. (Kinda disappointed with the arrangement of the organization but anyway, looks like that's how it has turn out to be).

Anyway, manage to have some good CNY celebration at my hometown. gather with families for the 1st few days, went to Perlis to visit my grandma, have some small and cozy gathering with friends, completed the "Gems of life" HK series and completed 2 books. (Phew, looks like it is a fruitful long holiday). ;")

Anyway, there is still some photos to process. So in the mean time, I will just used one of the photos taken during the holiday. It is one of the favorite toys for Qian (My brother's youngest son) - Thomas and friends. :"P I will get more photos publish (hopefully by tomorrow) - So stay tuned... :")

Anyway I guess that's all for tonight. For those who are having their 1st day of work tomorrow. (Happy Working) and have a great night everyone. :) Cheers.


  1. 新一年的沙发很好坐 XD

  2. 哈哈。。。好好,就让您坐一坐。:)

  3. Happy New Year. Reorg is very common in our company. So don't take it too serious. Maybe after 1 quarter you will move to another team.

    Good Luck to you. :)

  4. Thanks Kancil, yeah probably... there will be another one in another 2 or 3 months? We will see, for now, I will just go with the flow... :)

  5. My nephew favourite toy too;)

    Ya, reorg, ton of tasks push here too, what to do:(

  6. Yeah, I guess most of the kids like Thomas and Friends... while for the reorg, I guess I will schedule a 1:1 real soon. (Just to understand more about the R&R).





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