Up in the Sky

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Up in the Sky)
Makes me wonder if there is anything up there

It has been another slow day for me. (Darn, I seldom feel that it is a slow day unless my brain is kinda lagging and somehow feel kinda slow when I am doing my daily works). Seriously I don't like these type of feeling at all. Just hope that I could quickly adjusting myself back to the normal me. (I guess the re-org has somehow indirectly impacted me and yet I am still adjusting to all the changes that I will be facing). Project pretty much has been reduced from 3 resources to 1 resources and yet there is still so many new tasks that might be transition over from other team. Anyway, as I always told myself... goes with the flow and think positives. (I believe that +ve energy will come in the same time). ;)

Enough of the whining. :"P Let's goes back to the photo of the day - Up in the sky (In Large). Today I tried a modifier which I have not been using for quite sometimes, the reflective umbrella with the flash on CTO. and there we go, up there in the sky... (with me blindly staring on the sky, and my be something will fall from there? :"P).

Anyway, enough for today. I will get an early rest and read some book and magazine. :) I hope all of you will have a great night and day tomorrow. Cheers to everyone. :)


  1. yes...think +ve. Life goes on.
    Haha I've been hearing this alot from ppl around me and now I'm saying this back to u =P cheers~~

  2. Oh yeah... need to. ;) think +ve will help to bring some good +ve energy to us. so it is must. ;) Everything will be all right. :)

  3. ya.. stay positive! Ups and downs it's just a cycle of life.. today is a new day! :)
    Well, for the photo.. i think you should turn the other way to look at the sky.. hehe.. :p no big deal.. just saja saja comment..

  4. Hehe... yeah it will be fine soon I guess, once everything has been adjusted. ;) (The only constant is changes). Yeah, for the poses, may be I will try that next round... :"P (look at the other side) :") - Thx for the inputs. :"D

  5. something catch ur eyes up in the sky?? haha

  6. Hehe... may be the UFO or Superman that is flying pass my house. :"D

  7. again... is time to update your resume.

  8. Hehe, yeah, may be... will see how the situation goes for the next few months. ;)





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