Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Caged)
Yeah, the head has been caged by migraine

Alright, another weekend almost comes to and end (with another 3 hours to go) and it will be another busy week for me next week. Anyway, spend some great weekend times with LB watching 2 movies. (The Green Zone, and How to Train a Dragon). I think both movies are nice specially their story line. So anyone who are interested to watch these 2 movies should go and watch it. Anyway, the previous plan that we have is to go back to Alor Setar for the "Cheng Beng" this weekend. But mom is still been hospitalized and the doctor won't allow her to be release out yet so far (and still need to be monitored to ensure that she is alright before they could release her out). Mom called me on Saturday morning to proceed with the balik kamping for praying plan and in the end, she called again around evening time to cancel the plan. ~: ( (So all of us (I mean me, brother and sister) will need to stay back in PG to go back 2 weeks later).

On top of that, I has been suffering migraine since Saturday night until Sunday morning. (Yes, usually I suffered long hours migraine, even after sleep :( )Looks like the 100 plus that drank before sleep on Saturday night did not help much and I will need to swallowed 2 Panadols on Sunday morning to cure it. (Luckily it got fixed now... phew).

And for our photo of the day. I called it caged, tried something slightly extreme today in terms of the colors, just to give a feel or the cool and dangerous feel been prison-ed. It is a two lights setup. One with a gridded red gel on the right and another one with a blue gel at the lower left. (Both are bare speed lights). And here we go... our photo of the day, Caged - in Large.~:")

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight. The streamyx has not been serving me well keep having intermittent disconnection today. (I am not sure what's going on - Not sure if it is due to their Unify project that is going on). Anyway, I will try to post this up again later. If not it will goes live tomorrow morning. Night people... :)


  1. nice combination of colors.. but really show ur migrane.. as I think it's not pleasant to look at.. :P will get migraine too if staring for sometimes.. haha.. good choice of colors.
    Hope ur mom gets well real soon and everything is fine at ur side.

  2. Opps... hope that you won't get migraine for looking at this photos. :"P (Just trying to experiment things out lately to see what I could come out with). My mom is alright, just hope she will be able to release out from the hospital soon. (hopefully in the next couple of days).

  3. Thks for recommending the movies:) BTW, do take good care of yourself & your mum.

  4. I think both movies are nice. So you should go and check it out. (One is more about conspiracy and one is more like a kiddo movie, but I like it). :)

    Will take good care of myself. (Tried not to eat the Panadols, but too bad, it hurt real bad at Sunday morning after I wake up, so I took 2 pills to slow it down).

    Thanks Lilian for your concern. :) She is alright.

  5. How to train Dragon... 让我想起我的工作 >.< 我做着的系统就是叫 Dragon~~ 不过,我就快要脱离它了~~~

  6. 没关系。。。在过不久,您就会脱离Dragon了。不过,我觉得那不卡通真的很不错:)





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