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Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (吽形)

Just another busy day, but I am glad that things has started to get organize again where we finally have a meeting with our new PM and SA for the project. On top of that, I finally manage to list down some of tasks I will need to work on and now I will be able to think about how to arrange the task into chunks and timeline that I could manage. ~:) (Phew...I gotta feeling... Wooo Hooo) :"D

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (吽形)

Anyway, for our photo of the day it is actually called 吽形 in Chinese and Japanese. They are the door Guardian of the temple. (yes there are 2 statues for the Guardian and this is one of it) I first saw this 2 hugh Gigantic statues at the Nara. They reminds me of one of the street figther character Akuma as well. Along the trip I has been finding this 2 figures carved in wood. But too bad those that is really really (I mean super) nice is way out of my budget. On my last day in Japan at the airport, I finally see them and I bought them directly. :"D Finally I got a chance today to take one of them out for a shoot. And here you go, One of the Guardian, shoot in 2 lights. ;) one gridded light right from the top and another in a soft-box slightly towards the left to give a feather light on the right. And the bluish feel is tweak using a much colder white balance. ;)

Alright, that's all for tonight. It will be another meeting Wednesday for me tomorrow. :) I will get some early sleep tonight, due to the a late night sleep (1am+) and an early (5am+) wake up today. I hope all of you will have a great night. Cheers. ;)


  1. 门神啊~第一眼看的时候,我以为是雷神…… :P

  2. Finally can see the Guardian that you bought, nice shooting, it looks so mystery looking at it:)

  3. 家梅: 雷神的鼻子比较长。而且面具是红色的。:)

    Lilian: Yeah, wanna try to shoot out something like those mystery mood. I will try something different on the next Guardian. (May be in anger mood) :"P Will see how things come out.

    Thanks for dropping by ladies. ;)

  4. 哦哦~原来啊~~哈哈,长鼻子+ 红色脸的话,不就像那日本的“天狗”了?:P

  5. 好像给您说中了。。。是天狗!天啊。。。我在做什么。。。:“P





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