Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (HEROS)
Too bad, I am not one of them. :") - Large

It has been another productive day. The release gone pretty well and all the personal AR has been closed. :"D I guess this has been a pretty smooth day so far. :")

And for the photo of the day today, it is related to a series that I has been followed pretty closely - HEROES.(but also has been neglated for quite sometimes specially for the latest season, I guess is time for me to do some catch up again on this series soon. :"P). Anyway, just would like to give some superheros arriving feel for this photo. :") Again with 2 bare flashes at the back of both sides. (That's all on the setup for today I guess... :"P) nothing special. ~:")

Anyway, I guess this is going to be a short post. Since I am going to get myself some rest really soon. (There will be another early meeting tomorrow at 730am). I hope you all will have a great evening and a great Friday tomorrow. Night everyone. :)


  1. great portrait...unfortunately i saw a flaw...why slippers??? should have wear shows la...hahaha...

    great lighting setup...nicely lit...

  2. Hehe Beh... yeah, should wear a proper shoes in stead, haha. :"P (Now it looks more like those Japanese anime character hero with slippers already) :"P

    No matter what, thanks man. ;)

  3. Really like your strobist skill. The result really great!

  4. ya. agree with Beh.. was pretty admiring the hero already.. then glance from top to the bottom.. aiks.. why slippers? haha.. :P maybe u can paint it black. :P or it's just a joke for Friday?>

  5. Thanks Timmy. Hope that you enjoy it so far. :")

    B&G: Hehe..., yeah... may be the HERO don't have the time to change it to a proper shoes before he come for the rescue. :"P in the end appear with slippers. x"D (Don't wanna paint it black though, just wanna get some soft light on the feet (with slippers) so that partial of the leg is visible). Anyway is not a joke for Friday. (May be like I said, this HERO is from the Japanese Manga or Anime - not the US version) x"P - No matter what, thx for the inputs. Will watch out for that next round. :"D

  6. 这张很美,有神秘感 :) 最近你自己也当起 model 来了啊? :P

  7. 谢谢。。。不是啦。。。只是要拍拍,有没有临时的Model,就用自己了。:)又快,又方便嘛。:“D

  8. Haha yes HEROS :"P a "chap pa lang" one as well... x"D





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