Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Homo sapiens)
Yes, human race...

It has been a hectic day today (after a training day aka not working day yesterday). Pretty much is a meeting day again today plus some debugging tasks that I need to work on so that I could pass it back to the sustaining team in the state. And also I got a task that I will need to complete by next week Tuesday (which only pass up to me early this week). Gosh now I really hope that I got tones of hands and brain to work on all the tasks. :"D

Anyway, I have a strange dream yesterday night, where I am in a very chilling place, where I got a wooden house with 2 pigeons at the roof (Seems like they are my pets). There is a hugh pond (or sea?) near by with a bay beside it. Went there and slowly walk into the crystal clear water (it is not deep though) with tones of colorful fishes (big and small fishes) swimming beside me. Love the place very much and I will need to get out from the water cause I have been screamed by an uncle for getting out from the water asap. (I guess he is the guard) :"P

Anyway for photo of the day, I named it as "Homo sapien" - in Large. Pretty much thinking of the world lately, with a lot of disasters and sickness all over the world and kinda wonder if all these has been caused by us... the human race itself. (Of not taking care of the environment and etc...), and it reminds me of the 2012 movie as well. (Darn...). :"P Anyway, only a simple one light setup for today. I hope you all have enjoy it. ;)

Alright, I guess that's all for tonight. It has been a busy day but I am glad for today somehow and I don't know why. I feel fruitful and feel that I have been using the whole day pretty nicely. ;) Ok, I will stop for tonight. I hope you all have a great night. Cheers!


  1. Your dreamland is Hokkaido-ke?

    Today got good news-bo?

    Can shoot SH-ar? Prefer model is her rather than guy:p

  2. Hehe... I am not sure Lilian... but it looks very pretty, clam and beautiful. :)

    Today arr... I think ok lor, cannot ask for more... ~:|

    SH arr? She is busy and don't like being shoot. :"| (Sorry) I hope she could be my model though, So that you all will not to see me posing and shooting myself everyday. (And I really hope I could just stand behind the camera as well) :"P Anyway I think myself is the most easy and accessible model for my daily shoot so far...:"P

    I will try to get some lady model to shoot alright? ;") Thanks Lilian.

  3. 对咯……最近几年,天灾连连,说不定 2012 年还真的可能会实现哦……

  4. 是啊。。。可是,还是别想太多了。。。好好的过每一天就好了。:)





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