I Know Kung Fu

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (I Know Kung Fu)
I Know Kung Fu - Neo(Matrix) - in Large

Yes, Another weekend is almost comes to an end, and the plan is to watch the Alice in the Wonder Land in 3D for this weekend. :) But too bad, the ticket is sold out for the whole darn day. (So pretty much we ended up watching Solomon Kane in stead). We have some small walk in Gurney and enjoy our time there. Meet with some friends who is going to further her PHD study next week and have a small chit chat as well. :) Pace has been pretty slow and I kinda like that feeling. :"D

Anyway, Photos for today is inspired from the movie Matrix. (Where Neo has been uploaded with tones of "Kung Fu" programs and after he wake up and he told Morpheus that, "I know Kung Fu". (Just one of the Matrix scene that I could remember very well):"P Anyway, today setup is slightly special. I borrow another flash light from brother. He is using the Canon 580EXII. (Thanks brother. :"D) But anyway, as long as it could be triggered I am happy about it. So pretty much today is a 2 lights setup. Seriously, I hope that I will have another light stand to accommodate the 2nd light. I believe the effect will be much better that way). Anyway, main light on the right and a honeycomb light on the back left (Both is with CTO) == the photo of the day. :")

I guess that's all for today. I will get some rest now. (Reading some book and online comic :"P) I hope that all of you will have a great weekend and a great evening. Cheers. :)


  1. 哈哈哈,有点李小龙的姿势,果然是和李小龙同一祖宗的 :P

  2. 哈哈。。。别说笑了。样子都没李小龙英俊呢。:“P(更别说是姿态了):”D

  3. why got gain at the wall? effects? loves it!

  4. You mean the one on the right side of the wall? I think it is the light spill from the softbox. :")

  5. No.. the wall where the light is. at the staircases.

  6. Arrr... I think the gain is from the light itself... (I hope I get the correct section you mentioned this round)





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