It is a Music Box

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Totoro Music Box)
Oh yes, here we go is TOTORO again. (and it is a music box) - Large

It has been another tiring day. (Not because of work, but the 2 consecutive gym days for me). Now the hands have not been able to straighten up properly and there is some slight abdominal pain (due to the sit up)... gis.On the work side, I have attended a full day training today (That's explained why I didn't do a lot of works today). I think it is a great training where it trained us on all the lean processes that the company wishes us to improve on. (with activities and case studies). I really like it very much and will recommend those who has not attended it to go and check it out. ;)

Anyway, and for photo of the day (Alright there is no more me for today...:"P) is one of the clay music box that LB and me bought in Japan. :) It is actually a Totoro music box. (Yes it play the theme songs from the Totoro anime as well). :) LB has requested me to take a shoot at this music box so that she could use it as the wallpaper for her laptop. :) It is still a 2 lights setup (One light in a softbox from the top and another flash with grid on the right (to lighten up the small white creature behind the tree)).

Alright that's all for tonight. My body has been started to get stiffer right now. I will get my rest soon. ;) See you all tomorrow. Night... ;)


  1. ti ti ta bom bom baa...
    LOL that's the 1st thing came into my mind when I saw the totoro =P

  2. Oh yeah... it always bring great memories for us. :)

  3. A 30min cardio before your weight lifting will avoid any muscle pain. :)

  4. Oh yeah.. probably I didn't do enuff cardio before I proceed. Usually I just do like 15 minutes than I start to do jogging (15-20min) then follow by lifting. I will try a longer cardio next time.

  5. 哇,我喜欢这个音乐盒!!羡慕~~~

  6. 是啊。。。 我一见就喜欢,所以就买下了。:)





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