Just Another Day

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Just Another Day)
Yeah just another me as well. :"P

Yeah it has been just another day. A less busy day but yet there is still some incident that need to be closed before the release goes out on this Thursday. Anyway, the dev team has been working real hard to resolve it and hopefully it will be closed real soon. ~;) (And yes, tomorrow will just be another meeting day for me, hopefully I will have some times to eat my breakfast tomorrow x"D)

Alright, back to our photo of the day. Eventually I have shoot almost the same setup (not to said that it is identical, but I will said that it is almost...closed) at two different locations. Anyway, I just select the one that I think which bring out the mood the most. So here we go, "Just another day" in Large. Again, it is a 2 lights setup. (Need to fully utilize the 2nd speed light while it is still with me, so that I could try out different settings while I could) the main light in the double diffuse softbox and a bare flash at the back. :)

All right, that's all for tonight. I am going to get some rest real soon. Back to some book study (and may be some "math" calculation again? I hope not... I just wanna get myself rest up tonight). Cheers everyone. :")


  1. 有点孤单 + 多愁善感的感觉…… :P

  2. 有一些些。。。:“P就是那一种感觉。。。

  3. "心事哪無講出來, 有啥人会知" 憂鬱得太帥了!

  4. 云姐,您也形容得太美了。。。让我有些不知所措+无敌自容啊。。。~ ")





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Chiat Hau is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Penang, Malaysia. He started his photography journey by shooting strangers' portrait on the streets of Penang and around the world whenever he travel. Observing life and culture through the viewfinder, Chiat Hau has found a passion for framing his subjects in a natural, cinematic and yet photo-journalistic fashion. Capturing precious moments in both commissioned assignments and personal projects.