Spirited Away

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Spirited Away)
Yeah going off soon - but not with that creepy guy on the right. :"P

It has been a great day, closing most of the tasks required (but left only one so far due to the improper access right given by the customer). Hopefully I could complete it real soon (may be by tomorrow?) so that I will be able to spend my weekend nicely. (And yes, will have a trip with LB's family this weekend, hopefully it is a good one - I bet it will ;))

Anyway for photo of the day, it is one of the Spirited Away photo frame that we bought in Japan (yes yes is Japan again). Actually in this spirited away movie, I am pretty much attracted to the whole storyline + the creepy black guy who is sitting beside the little girl in the train (Who has turn into a hugh monster after he consume a lot of things in that spirted world). For the lighting, pretty much I would like to create a sort of in the train + oldish feel in it. So here goes the setup. One light in CTO in softbox on the top and another ligh with CTO in grid on the right. and here we go, our photo of the day, Spirited away in Large.

Alright, that's all for tonight, I guess I should go and pack my stuff for the trip after this. I will be rest and relax for the next few days and hopefully I will be able to produce some nice shoot during my trip. I hope you all will have a great night and happy Friday tomorrow. :) (And for those who went to Sammi Cheng concert tomorrow hope that you all will enjoy it!) ;)


  1. Oh yeah, going to Melaka later. ;)

  2. 又是宫崎骏的!!
    又让我羡慕了你…… =.="

  3. 是啊。。。那里可是宫崎骏的天堂。我相信您也会和我一样。。。很变态的购买。:“P





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