The Transformation

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transformation)

Just another ordinary weekend, just spent one day out from the home. Pretty much it is another movie day for me. Watched Alice in the wonder land... Personally, I think I have kinda set a high expectation for this movie and in the end, I find that the storyline is really not up to the expectation. (So, I think I should watch a normal version in stead of a 3D version) :"P, anyway is alright. But something that I am so glad about is that, I manage to spend some times with LB during this Sunday, going no where but staying at home, watching some TV show, chit chatting and help her with some chores as well as cooking. (Yeah, glad that LB is free up to cook for me finally and I really appreciate that) :") Thanks LB.

Back to the photo of the day, Been watching a lot of movie that related to monsters lately (eg. like The Wolfman) I love the movie poster pretty much so I kinda inspired by it and try to shoot something like that. And here we go... The photo of the day. "Transformation" - in large. (1 flash with softbox on the left, 1 flash with snoot on the right targeting on the face and finally a reflector down right).

Alright, that's all for tonight. Tomorrow will be a new week for everyone. I hope you all have a great week ahead and a Happy Sunday night. :) Cheers!


  1. Wah...not wear anything, sacrifice a lot-leh;p I like the post if like trying to torn your shirt;p

    BTW thks for letting us know abt Alice, for sure just go for 2D is enough...

  2. Yeah, pai seh ya. (I guess is still ok for guys to go topless qX"P), Yup..., but I could not find a torn-ed shirt... ~:| (Like the wolf man poster - where he has some torn-ed shirt on him...), Anyway thx for the inputs. ;)

    Yeah, still think that go for the 2D one will do. At least I won't feel that bad if I am going for the normal (2D) one... :"P

  3. hahahah.. good enough..but should be without specs.. :P

  4. Hehe... :"P alright. Will try it some other time without specky when wanna shoot something like this again next round. qX"). Thanks for the inputs. :)

  5. haha...看了你幾張照片,想必你看戲看太多了吧!hahaaaaaaaa

  6. 哈哈,想必我是吧。:“P不过,这也是灵感的来源之处。:”)(还有就是MTV):“D

  7. 脸部的痛苦表情,看不出你很痛苦的样子……哈哈 :P

  8. 哈哈。。。因为我不是职业演员嘛。。。是的话,就不用打工了。:”)

  9. if you paint it green, it will look like hulk! :D

  10. Dun have the green body paint lerr... and I wont grow BIG like hulk... qX"P Oh No... may be I will turn into Hulk one day. :"D





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