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Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Melaka Trip)
Yeah, it has been lighten up slowly. :)

I has been disappeared from PG from the last few days (I mean last weekend), hanging around in Melaka as a driver. :"D Oh yeah, it is quite a tiring weekend.(Specially on the way back where I drive from 2pm - 10pm) :"P But again, I think it is a nice one, where I could spend sometimes off with LB's family to rest and relax as well as visiting the Melaka state after 10 years I left there. (Yeah, stayed one year in Melaka for my study). :")

There is not a lot of photos to share today, but I will try to process and finish up the trip photos ASAP for sharing soon. :) The photo posted today is actually a photo that I've taken while we are queuing up for dinner. (And yes, we pretty much queuing up waiting for our turn for lunch and dinner, I guess that's the trend in Melaka now... :"P). It is almost evening time, and the street light has been slowly lighted up. :")

Alright, a short post today. I will continue with what I should do now... Night everyone. :)


  1. Though it was tiring but at least you're being charged:)

  2. Actually it is tiring, but at least I feel good about it. :) (Until now, I still feel the after effects of the trip) :"P

  3. Wow.. that's kinda long hours drive! Can't wait to see the pictures.. It will surely bring back the memories.. :)

  4. Yeah is pretty long but strangely I didn't feel sleepy at all. (Luckily...) + it is raining and it is pretty dark specially starting 7pm on wards... Anyway, will post up the photos once I am done with it. ;)

  5. 唔唔,如果有机会的话,偶尔我也想要这样出游一趟呢~!

  6. 那是应该的。。。休息是为了要走更长的路啊。:)





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